Nieuws : Tto-4 reist naar Florida
Tto-4 reist naar Florida
Locatie: Durendael

Maandag 9 oktober vertrokken onze vierdejaars tto-leerlingen naar Florida voor een tiendaagse studiereis. De leerlingen verblijven daar in gastgezinnen bij leerlingen van de Lakeland/Harrison High School. In deze blog vertelt Romy Bakker over haar eerste kennismaking met de Amerikaanse cultuur.

Foto's Florida
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Hello y'all!

We arrived Monday (which is yesterday) evening, it was pretty late. Today we had to wake up early since my exchange lives an hour from school. So I woke up and got breakfast. We had bagels, tea and juice. We went to school with a real American school bus! It was nice to have the American experience.

It was still dark when we arrived at Lakeland/Harrison High School. For the Dutch people that only have one building the school campus of Lakeland was like a big maze. We walked to class and got a seat.

The announcements started and everyone stood up and looked at the American flag, which is in every class. The oath started and I didn't know what to say so I just put my right hand on my heart and listened to the others. Then all the exchange people were called out of class and we got a tour of both the Lakeland campus and the Harrison campus.

After the tour we just followed the classes of our exchanges. After school I went to Target and Dunkin' Donuts. After we went there we went to Peterson Park and had a pot luck picknick with all the exchanges and their families. I ended up singing with Dutch and American people. But it was late so we had to go home.

It was a nice first day in America!