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Bilingual Education, something for you?

You are fond of English and you like presenting? You would like to go abroad to gain work experience? Or are you interested in a profession with many international contacts? If this is the case then bilingual education at Durendael must be the right choice for you! Also if you don’t speak English very well and you would love to learn the language. With us you are still at the right place.

Why bilingual education?

English is a world language. You hear it all around you. In business, English is the most important language. Also more and more universities offer courses in English. Then it can be quite handy that you are used to speaking, reading, listening and writing in English. Bilingual education at Durendael is not only about speaking English fluently, but also and especially about your personal development and developing your international awareness. We think it is more important that you learn to look beyond borders. In short, you will be trained to be a cosmopolitan!

International awareness

As broadening your horizon is an important part of this course, you will get the chance to participate in many extra activities. In the junior years you will go on a study trip to Liddington and London. In the third year there is an exchange with schools from Spain, Romania, Hungary and Germany. You will not stay in a hotel, but in a host family; conversely the student of the host family will stay at your house.
In the senior years you can even go to Florida for 10 days! Here you will also stay at a host family of the participating school. During these activities you will not only learn to speak the language well, but you will also gain knowledge of the culture, the economy and the etiquette and customs of the country you are in. With the subject Global Citizenship (GLC) you will develop all sorts of skills (competences) in the international domain.
Furthermore the school regularly organizes international evenings. Moreover there are international projects which you can participate in. An example is the Erasmus Plus Project.

Junior School & Senior School

In the bilingual department you will follow the same programme as the Dutch speaking students on havo and vwo. You will also do the same final exam. The difference is, that most of your lessons will be taught in English and that you work on your personal and international development. When you finish the junior department, you will receive the Junior Certificate. In the senior department you can obtain the IB-diploma (International Baccalaureate). In school year 2017/2018 we also start with Cambridge Advanced for English and with Delf Scolaire and Goethe.

The teachers

Not only do we expect extra effort of our students to speak good English, but we also expect this of our teachers. All of the teachers in the bilingual department speak English fluently. They often follow courses for this. Some of our teachers are native speakers; this means that English is their first language. Teachers use CLIL methodology in class. CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning. Using this methodology students not only improve their subject skills and knowledge but also their language skills.

International Evenings

At 2College Durendael we regularly organize an international evening. Parents too are invited on theses evenings. You will, for instance, give a presentation in English in front of your parents, classmates and teachers. You will also hold a discussion in English with your classmates. We have evenings with theatre play and an evening in year 3 where it's all about science. In the English Plus lessons and English class you will be able to practice your speech and discussions. By doing this you will bring what you have learned directly into practice.
Most evenings start with a common diner, at Durendael it's not only about learning but also about community.

Competences and Portfolio

Competences are skills that you develop during your training. You need these skills to get your havo- or vwo-diploma and to become a true cosmopolitan! Bilingual Education at Durendael does not only aim to master the English language, but also aims towards the development of international awareness.
You will gain knowledge of other cultures and the differences in etiquette and customs abroad. You will also practice your presentation, reflection and communication skills. You will do this at your own speed and you will keep your progress in a digital portfolio. In this portfolio you can see what competences you have reached and what competences you could still work on. Besides this you will also keep a weblog, where you can share your experiences with classmates and teachers.

Application and admission

You choose for bilingual education from the first year. You can indicate this on the application form. You and your parents will fill this in on the registration evening at 2college Durendael. It is important that you have a feeling for language and that you are interested in the world around you. There are also official entrance requirements:
  • A positive recommendation from the primary school. In another words the primary school gives the go ahead for either havo or vwo.
  • A cito-score of at least 545 for bilingual vwo and a minimum of 540 for bilingual havo.
If you have received the primary school’s go-ahead for havo or vwo, but your cito-score is too low for bilingual education, as described above, then there is the possibility to do an extra test. For more information you can contact Mr van der Cammen, who is the team leader of the bilingual department:    


Bilingual education does come with additional costs on top of the voluntary parent contribution. The sum of these additional costs are €400, - per year for the junior years (year 1 to 3). This amount includes all the trips (which are compulsory for all students), projects and extra activities. In the senior years the amount is €250, - per year. The costs for the voluntary study trips (Florida and Rome) are not included in this amount.

In need of more information?

Would you like to know more about bilingual education? Come to our open day!
Would you like to experience bilingual education first hand? Then you can apply for the introduction lessons right now. Do you have any questions, doubts, comments or suggestions? Then feel free to contact us. You can do this by sending an email to Vincent van der Cammen, Iain Watt or Rini Leermakers ​(coordinators) or phone us on 013 528 67 95 and ask to speak to one of them.